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I’ve worked with  incredible women behind The Stork Foundation for Infertility to create The Hope Collection - necklaces that offer a token of hope to those navigating infertility + pregnancy loss. 


Having experienced my own fertility struggles + with four babies making up our heaven crew, this cause is so special to me + close to my heart. After my losses, I found myself yearning for a token of hope + a reminder of my babies. As soon as I learned of this opportunity, I knew I had to work with these women + their amazing foundation. 


The Stork Foundation’s mission is to give hope + opportunity to those suffering from infertility & fighting for their dream of parenthood. They provide financial assistance to low resource individuals who require costly medical infertility treatments that would otherwise be out of financial reach. The octagon symbolizes the 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility and the strength, hope, and courage they share in their journey to parenthood.


Whether you’d love this necklace for yourself or are looking for a way to support your friend + coworker + family member battling fertility struggles, this collection offers a sign of hope + support.

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