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14k Gold Plated Octagon Pendant

The octagon symbolizes the 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility and the strength, hope, and courage they share in their journey to parenthood. This 14k gold plated octagon charm necklace, made in partnership with Clay by Cait, was created to raise awareness of infertility and show support and understanding for those fighting for their dream of parenthood.


We have created this accessory in partnership with The Stork Foundation for Infertility. The Stork Foundation's mission is to give hope and opportunity to those suffering from infertility and fighting for their dream of parenthood. The Stork Foundation provides financial assistance to low resource individuals who require costly medical infertility treatments that would otherwise be out of financial reach. Proceeds from this purchase directly benefit our grant recipients.

14k Gold Plated Octagon Pendant

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